2020 Chevrolet Tracker Design, Engine, Release date and Price

Monday, May 13th, 2019 - Chevrolet
2020 Chevrolet Tracker Nueva Colombia

Tracker 2020. For those who like the Suv, the Chevrolet Tracker 2020 is an option that will bring this new version to market quickly with the news that is mainly featured in the model articles. Many people already want to know more about the Chevrolet Tracer 2020. The Chevrolet Tracker 2020 is a highly predictable model, and then we will know something more than what the model will bring to launch. The new 2020 Chevrolet Tracker focuses on providing a modern style with more modern design and comfort.

General Motors expected the upcoming Chevrolet Tracker 2020. Reviewed during GM’s Capital Markets, which gave investors an overview of their updated global strategic plan. The carmaker showed two slides that included a test image for a minor cross in the future.

Although the name of the tracker does not appear in the presentation, and the translation is not provided for preview, the development of several guides on Chevrolet’s future crossroads for emerging markets allows us to conclude that the vehicle in question is, in fact, the next generation Chevrolet Tracker.

The motif image on the GM chip shows some interesting features in the front and side design of the future Chevy handle. Looking at the details, we see that they match exactly the details in the upcoming Chevrolet Tracker 2020 models (as shown in the picture above), which was stopped last year in China.

For example, we can see the headlamps with a new LED lamp, a sculpted cover and a brightly decorated grille that is clearly affected by the new Blazer 2019. There is also a line of eminent personalities in the front bumper, similar to the new Chevy Monza 2019 sedan.

The 2020 Chevrolet Tracker will be a new offering in the category of small SUVs. Its main focus will be market development. This model is being developed on the GM GEM platform with the JBUC project code, which means that the tracker will have nothing to do with the Chevy Trax, which is happening today.

Although almost equal in size, the new Tracker site will be below Trax in terms of features/content and price, which will allow it to improve Chevrolet’s competitiveness in developing markets such as China, Mexico, and South America.

We hope that the 2020 Chevrolet Tracker will be unveiled in the next 12 months. The debut in China is very possible. Production will be carried out at least at the following stations:

At the same time, the second generation of Chevy Trax may not be released in the future at all. By contrast, the Chevy sub-junction (Part B) that will be sold in developed markets such as the United States, Canada, South Korea and Australia (Holden), may have adopted the name TrailBlazer and put itself as the new version of the new jacket.

2020 Chevrolet Tracker Nova Interior

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